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April 14 2016

Living and Working in Fort McMurray

The oil sands clustered around Fort McMurray contain the world's biggest reserve of oil. The two largest oil sands mining operations are run by Syncrude and Suncor Energy. Other oil sands developments include Shell Canada's Albian Sands, CNRL's Horizon Oil Sands, and Nexen and Opti-Canada's Long Lake joint venture. Oil sands companies also offer work related to natural gas production, and the Mackenzie Valley Gas Pipeline – set to supply natural gas to the oil sands – will open up more opportunities to live and work in Fort McMurray. While major oil sands companies have installed on-site accommodation for their workers, many prefer renting an apartment in Fort McMurray. Local transit is easily accessible to get around and Fort McMurray's busy downtown offers amenities that work camps simply don't have.


With major work sites no more than 76 kilometres away (some much less) driving distances are easily manageable. In addition, getting to and from work will soon be even easier with the completion of the new Highway 63 extension/bypass that will ease downtown congestion. You can also choose to let Diversified Transportation Ltd. do the driving. The company specializes in 'People Transportation' to and from work sites and makes numerous stops throughout downtown and Timberlea where Big Spirit Rentals has apartments to rent. Diversified Transportation also provides coach charter services in Fort McMurray.

Restaurants In Fort McMurray

From bistros to restaurants to pub grub, you'll find good food at your doorstep when you live in Fort McMurray. Downtown has all the usual burger and chicken chains found across Canada. Tim Horton's may be Canada's best-known fast food place and another Canadian favourite, Smitty's offers an all-day breakfast as well as lunch and dinner menus. Along with national food outlets you'll also find locally-owned Fort McMurray restaurants that serve delicious Canadian and international cuisine such as Tio Mario for Italian food and steaks, The Fish Place for seafood, Hong Kong Eatery for Chinese, Fuji for Japanese, and lots more. Bon Appetit!

Fort McMurray Airport

Fort McMurray Airport is serviced by Air Canada, WestJet and other airlines with scheduled flights to Calgary, Edmonton, Fort Chipewyan, Fort Smith, Lethbridge, Peace River, Saskatoon, Toronto, Vancouver and St. John's. The airport is also serviced by oil sands companies with corporate and charter flights. Today, the airport handles 560,000 people and 70,000 takeoffs and landings a year on its single runway, which is eight times the amount of traffic the airport was designed to handle. That's why in 2008, plans were finalized for a $100-million expansion of the Fort McMurray Airport that will triple the size of the current facility and include a second runway.

Fort McMurray Maps

The Fort McMurray oil sands are located in the northeastern region of Alberta. The oil sands contain an estimated 1.7 to 2.5 trillion barrels of oil trapped in a complex mixture of sand, water and clay. The Athabasca area is the largest and closest to the surface, accounting for the large-scale oil sands development around Fort McMurray. 'Fort Mac' is a diverse and multicultural community that attracts people from all corners of Canada and the world to work in the Fort McMurray oil sands.